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About Us

Our Guiding Principles

P1. Quality over Quantity

At heart, we are curators. We are committed to curating each client's vision for their customer base. With our expertise. we provide high-quality goods, equipment, and services that elevate our clients' brands and operations to new heights. We strive for excellence in luxury and comfort, adapting to an ever-changing competitive market. 

P2. Adaptability 

There is seldom a boring day at the airport. An industry that demands 24/7 attention, 365 days of the year, requires not only resilience but also care. Attentive to the sudden daily changes typical to the airline industry, we are proud to have 10+ years of operational experience. Our staff and administration are equipped to take on these challenges and maintain customer satisfaction.

Our operations with Air-France–KLM Group exemplifies our commitment to our clients. Since 2013, Airist-operated lounges were one of the highest-ranked lounges within its U.S. network. We are dedicated to providing an effortless experience.

P3. The Little Things that Count  

As a small company, we believe success is in the details. Large corporate companies often employ an "umbrella" model to meet baseline standards of airline hospitality. Beyond baseline standards, we consider every detail of the lounge experience from thoughtful flower arrangements to culturally specific foods that best serve our customers. No matter the place or time, we believe home can always be found.

To see where we can provide an Airist-experience to you, click here.

Our Success
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