01. Quality over Quantity

We may be a small team, but we are constantly working towards meeting each Airline's desire for customer satisfaction in a very specific niche market. We continuously provide high-quality food, goods, services, and equipment, for all our operational lounges in a precisely timed manner at a reasonable and competitive price in comparison to corporate companies. 

02. Success 

The Airline industry encounters many obstacles on a daily basis such as flight delays, cancellations, and unpredictable situations. However, Airist employees and services has helped maintain customer satisfaction in difficult circumstances since its partnership with Air France/KLM lounges.

Since Air France/KLM’s partnership with Airist Companies, customer satisfaction surveys have risen 35%. There are more than twelve Air France and KLM lounges in the U.S., but the lounges working with Airist Companies are ranked as the top three quality lounges.

03. The Little Things that Count  

While large service corporations may provide a standard that meets certain standards, they have an umbrella model that acts as an overlay for every business they receive. As a small company, we go above and beyond to meet every niche to exceed customer expectation, based on location and airline clientele with meaningful flower arrangements, thoughtful food services based on customer expectations, and immediate chain of management to handle unforeseen circumstances instead of the bureaucracy and miscommunication that comes with big corporations. 

04. Expansion 

Airist is working to expand to airports in Houston, Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles. Additionally, Airist companies are working with Lufthansa headquarters to begin work in their lounges.